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I was thinking today how AI output is reliable for tort case judgements as it is 75% reliable. Criminal certainty level judgements of 100% likely cannot be supported by AI output however. MASCE MASME MIEEE MIET MBCS ACIARB says all that. The other side of me however, the musician, the actor, and the farmer all say something else. The big tech companies are all mainly investing in AI infrastucture now which basically means Nvidia GPUs. AI is artificial and it is intelligence, but basically I have concluded recently big tech is investing in intelligence, and it has already captured the 75% likely tort case evidence judgements. What is tort law is now what is big tech? Civil negligence etc. The world is changing fast. Not good enough yet for criminal negligence yet though the big tech AI.

Why all this ranting? Is it simply ego mania? Perhaps but debt to society is the main reason. Society educated me so it is doing the right thing to put some knowledge back. With AI deciding who lives and who dies in war reality of war sinks home though. War is all average, and imperfect, and luck and unluck. Lots and lots of the wrong people die and get killed. Intelligence is what big tech has invested in though and they outrank me in power, IQ, money, and probably wisdom. The intelligence they now have in their Nvidia GPUs can be trained. But on what? War? Drugs? Medicine? Shares? So much intelligence now but nothing to train it on. People my age are cropping up in the obituaries more and more now.

How did I make it? I realised that the reason that I had become such a social failure was that for various reasons I had become a total ecomonic failure. Then I noticed that domains like bitcoin.fund were going for 3mn whereas domains like bit-coin.fund were going for $7. So then I thought what gives if I buy domains like bit-coin.fund? I will at least be up there in the 3mn ballpark yes? And that was that really. I bought 150 insurance type domains at 1.99 special offer for the first year with insurance domains often going for 1mn. To me at least that meant 150mn value of insurance format domains which would have paid for 15% of a 1bn mortgage on buy to let properties. I was in the right ballpark. For a while I totally believed domains like bit-coin.fund and bitcoin.fund were worth about the same in financial terms. So for 150 1.99 domains I genuinely believed I was in the 1bn ballpark. What was it like? It was good, don't get me wrong, but I told someone and was walking around quite often thinking this is totally amazing and fantastic and everything but not all that totally 100% amazing and fantastic. I remember walking along thinking is this all there really is to it? The 1bn ballpark? Then I got true 100% reliable valuations from Estibot, approved by the IRS and found out the truth, but I found out what it was like to truly believe that I had made 1bn for several months. Nobody can ever take that feeling away from me. Ever.

Another mix-up I made once was when a business associate was talking about it being wise to keep the fuel tank full. I took that as my cue to get out of town so I loaded up the 4l V8 and caught the ferry to England ending up coming back on the ferry from France after a few months.

Other notable mix-ups of mine include Julie's arsehole, the Kevins, and Heathrow airport.

I was reading some of the memoirs of a few 90s pop stars today going right through to the X factor. Also about serial killers in Mexico. It's not funny this place when you think about the deals the launderers you pass in the street here approve every day. They will on a daily basis be getting calls and texts saying things like the boatload of heroin has arrived now so go ahead and release the $50mn payment. It's not funny. You walk past them every day in the street going to and from work. You know the kinds of things they do and they know you know but they also know you can't really prove 100% what you think. You know they killed your mum and dad and terrorised your sister well enough to keep away from them but with their own legal systems they are untouchable really and they know it. You know they know they only need approve a hidden agenda transaction and you die or worse.

Money launderers like half of the local finance industry are the curse of the civilized world really. They use the same skills as terrorism financers too. So many of them probably do both. Many of them probably do Hamas TF work. They probably paid for October 7th. With Iran now I am not sure what is going to go down. Iran has got a lot of oil and was sold a nuclear facility by the US in the 50s. Oil is what it is all about I think. The US does not want to risk losing the oil supply. It's all much like 1939 again when the Brits stopped immigration to the Mandate to keep the oil flowing from the Arabs. Oil is the explanation. It always is.

It's too risky to talk with any single cop here so I just blow it to the web instead. Last September an important letter from my lawyer was intercepted after I ordered it by email. It was probably the Police who read the email and intercepted the letter at the Post Office. I do not suspect the lawyer.

London is the global center of money laundry now and Offshore Jersey CI is the main tax haven for London. Financial crime here is all there is really. They buy special laws off the Politicians to make robbery legal half the time. The other half of the time they just kill the witnesses like when they killed my mum, dad, and uncle. Me and my sibling don't know enough to put them all away apart from one document from 94. They might well kill us for that and they might not. It is signed by Scholefield. It implicates half of the finance industry here in financial crimes against under aged children ie me and my sibling when we were both under the 19 age of financial majority here in the 70s. We had no tutelle was the main breach of local law. We should have each had 7 guardian type people looking after our Rothschild inheritances but did not. The 1977 lawyer Hamon now is dead. So is Bailiff Eurat. Keith Baker our laundry lawyer from 93 is dead. Laurie Hart and Chris Scholefield are not dead yet. Chris Scholefield did the 94 laundry. Laurie Hart was my Dad's boss before Kevin. Kevin laundered Vignette now on sale for 17mn as Sunningdale Manor. None of the island will talk now because they are all too terrorised by the threat of litigation. No comment is the order of the day. The City Bar of New York might well protect me because I am still a member. But they might not. They might well all also be terrorised into no comment silence like the local population.

It's coming round to 613am again now. Time to start work. I don't blog for a living. Ciao for now.

Scholefield can be slaughtered or interrogated or both quite easily actually at the back door to his office where he mounts, dismounts, and parks his pedal bike every day. It is a good example of his competence in security and professionalism really.

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Any Egyptian MP Dame Margaret Hodge is presently the most valuable global resource for others also interested in corruption and money laundering.