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This is a website built to introduce Jewish Diaspora women wanting IVF sperm donors to Jewish Diaspora men willing to supply. Also egg donors and surrogacy service donors wanted. Haiya nehedar kruv mahala nosaf bad koder ezra. Now sign up!
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DNA samples from Falasha Jews and Ethiopians were studied with the Y-chromosome-specific DNA probe p49a to screen for TaqI restriction polymorphisms and haplotypes. Two haplotypes (V and XI) are the most widespread in Falashas and Ethiopians, representing about 70% of the total number of haplotypes in Ethiopia. Because the Jewish haplotypes VII and VIII are not represented in the Falasha population, we conclude that the Falasha people descended from ancient inhabitants of Ethiopia who converted to Judaism.

An effective way into Harvard University that I used...

I was thinking today how AI output is reliable for tort case judgements as it is 75% reliable. Criminal certainty level judgements of 100% likely cannot be supported by AI output however. MASCE MASME MIEEE MIET MBCS ACIARB says all that. The other side of me however, the musician, the actor, and the farmer all say something else. The big tech companies are all mainly investing in AI infrastucture now which basically means Nvidia GPUs. AI is artificial and it is intelligence, but basically I have concluded recently big tech is investing in intelligence, and it has already captured the 75% likely tort case evidence judgements. What is tort law is now what is big tech? Civil negligence etc. The world is changing fast. Not good enough yet for criminal negligence yet though the big tech AI.

Why all this ranting? Is it simply ego mania? Perhaps but debt to society is the main reason. Society educated me so it is doing the right thing to give some knowledge back. With AI deciding who lives and who dies in war reality of war sinks home though. War is all average, and imperfect, and luck and unluck. Lots and lots of the wrong people die and get killed. Intelligence is what big tech has invested in though and they outrank me in power, IQ, money, and probably wisdom. The intelligence they now have in their Nvidia GPUs can be trained. But on what? War? Drugs? Medicine? Shares? So much intelligence now but nothing to train it on. People my age are cropping up in the obituaries more and more now.

How did I make it? I realised that the reason that I had become such a social failure was that for various reasons I had become a total economic failure. Then I noticed that domains like were going for 3mn whereas domains like were going for $7. So then I thought what gives if I buy domains like I will at least be up there in the 3mn ballpark yes? And that was that really. I bought 150 insurance type domains at 1.99 special offer for the first year with insurance domains often going for 1mn. To me at least that meant 150mn value of insurance format domains which would have paid for 15% of a 1bn mortgage on buy to let properties. I was in the right ballpark. For a while I totally believed domains like and were worth about the same in financial terms. So for 150 1.99 domains I genuinely believed I was in the 1bn ballpark. What was it like? It was good, don't get me wrong, but I told someone and was walking around quite often thinking this is totally amazing and fantastic and everything but not all that totally 100% amazing and fantastic. I remember walking along thinking is this all there really is to it? The 1bn ballpark? Then I got true 100% reliable valuations from Estibot, approved by the IRS and found out the truth, but I found out what it was like to truly believe that I had made 1bn for several months. Nobody can ever take that feeling away from me. Ever.

Another mix-up I made once was when a business associate was talking about it being wise to keep the fuel tank full. I took that as my cue to get out of town so I loaded up the 4l V8 and caught the ferry to England ending up coming back on the ferry from France after a few months.

Other notable mix-ups of mine include Julie's arsehole, the Kevins, and Heathrow airport.

I was reading some of the memoirs of a few 90s pop stars today going right through to the X factor. Also about serial killers in Mexico. It's not funny this place when you think about the deals the launderers you pass in the street here approve every day. They will on a daily basis be getting calls and texts saying things like the boatload of heroin has arrived now so go ahead and release the $50mn payment. It's not funny. You walk past them every day in the street going to and from work. You know the kinds of things they do and they know you know but they also know you can't really prove 100% what you think. You know they killed your mum and dad and terrorised your sister well enough to keep away from them but with their own legal systems they are untouchable really and they know it. You know they know they only need approve a hidden agenda transaction and you die or worse.

Money launderers like half of the local finance industry are the curse of the civilized world really. They use the same skills as terrorism financers too. So many of them probably do both. Many of them probably do Hamas TF work. They probably paid for October 7th. With Iran now I am not sure what is going to go down. Iran has got a lot of oil and was sold a nuclear facility by the US in the 50s. Oil is what it is all about I think. The US does not want to risk losing the oil supply. It's all much like 1939 again when the Brits stopped immigration to the Mandate to keep the oil flowing from the Arabs. Oil is the explanation. It always is.

It's too risky to talk with any single cop here so I just blow it to the web instead. Last September an important letter from my lawyer was intercepted after I ordered it by email. It was probably the Police who read the email and intercepted the letter at the Post Office. I do not suspect the lawyer.

London is the global center of money laundry now and Offshore Jersey CI is the main tax haven for London. Financial crime here is all there is really. They buy special laws off the Politicians to make robbery legal half the time. The other half of the time they just kill the witnesses like when they killed my mum, dad, and uncle. Me and my sibling don't know enough to put them all away apart from one document from 94. They might well kill us for that and they might not. It is signed by Scholefield. It implicates half of the finance industry here in financial crimes against under aged children ie me and my sibling when we were both under the 19 age of financial majority here in the 70s. We had no tutelle was the main breach of local law. We should have each had 7 guardian type people looking after our 500tn ballpark figure Rothschild inheritances but did not. The 1977 lawyer Hamon now is dead. So is Bailiff Eurat. Keith Baker our laundry lawyer from 93 is dead. Laurie Hart and Chris Scholefield are not dead yet. Chris Scholefield did the 94 laundry. Laurie Hart was my Dad's boss before Kevin. Kevin laundered Vignette now on sale for 17mn as Sunningdale Manor. None of the island will talk now because they are all too terrorised by the threat of litigation. No comment is the order of the day. The City Bar of New York might well protect me because I am still a member. But they might not. They might well all also be terrorised into no comment silence like the local population.

It's coming round to 613am again now. Time to start work. I don't blog for a living. Ciao for now.

Scholefield can be slaughtered or interrogated or both quite easily actually at the back door to his office where he mounts, dismounts, and parks his pedal bike every day. It is a good example of his competence in security and professionalism really.

Today's tune Slaughter & May

What is a Company Profile? Details of all of the beneficial owners of all of the companies registered in Gibraltar.

An Egyptian MP Dame Margaret Hodge is presently the most valuable global resource for others also interested in corruption and money laundering.

I got 3 bits of verbal abuse in the street yesterday and 1 the day before. Also yesterday a wall of 15 or 20 male thugs marched directly at me blocking my way down King/Queen street. Scholefield offered people discounts on drink from the St Brelade waitrose and peppercorn rent for the Freedom Church. He has bought a private army.

Lekabel zakan kal mazon musakh hine likhlol jaz mafteah tale harbe shem zeyit havila sheela tikun kaze mas mekhoar yarak tov shana efes

That should be enough to calm down the Mossad!

The war against Hamas is a war against the Hamas Terrorism Financiers really, and that means a war against the Offshore Jersey CI laundromat managers who deploy similar skillsets to the TFs, and that means a war against the hundreds of finance professionals here who since 1977 laundered our 500tn Rothschild inheritances. I do sincerely hope that they all decide to spill the beans. War between Israel and Offshore Jersey CI means war. Both sides have access to nuclear weapons. Both sides are willing to use them. Both sides probably will.

Luckily enough I have privileged access to a 5 page hand written hand signed gay love letter from a resident of Clarence House to a resident of Offshore Jersey CI dated during a decade when gay love was legal in England but illegal in Jersey. Unless I remain free to return home on a regular basis computer code will activate and the full letter will be published to the internet. The server with the code is unlikely to be hit by any nuclear exchange between Israel and Offshore Jersey CI so the security of the rest of the Commonwealth is not an issue.

Dira smikha agalalehafria kol koma kvutza keev rosh meyuva mifrak lishmor mikhtav gafrurim shem tafus sefer kis mhadek reva mukhan kasefet shulhan dod hiometz shaon shana efes is what the Mossad should know really...

Shuv shtar haver shaket agala zol perikhim leasher tiras tzlav mahala tipa kol tzinor maflet berez masnen kfor zahov.

Roey rotzeh zahov yom shishi.

Shuv aher hiof tzipoor sira sefer lehem. Dli avzram esek kafe hanyon yakhol kankan tira. Kvarot shahmat of perikhim behira bad anan.

Shelanu sheli shelachem shelcha shelachen shelach shelahem shelo shelahen shela Ok? Ein mis'adah. Ein brechat s'chiyah. Ein malon. Mais der is nicht ein stein ou ein Steinway capiche? Matay sheot bikur tfilah beit kneset? Yehudim levaker kol yom kol hayom. Sha'ah shaon zman slichah bazman lehitztaer leaher. Roeh rotzeh letayel lirot mekomot me'at moderni bevakashah tzafon be'israel. Meal suv matos alkoholi aher dira. Tapua USA oman lefahot miyad. Mizvadot shtar nehedar.

The document above is a self-published and commissioned confession to storing clients' wills. It is a well known trick to getting the probate work if the clients die. Some well known names implicated there too, even an ex Bailiff and a Judge, part of the network including accountants who cost us so much over the decades. The probate work is usually as much as a hundred times the income from the work for a will. My mum & dad got hit by the same trick by Scholefield @ Viberts. Source "A life in the street" An insight into life in a Hill Street Law Office (1945-1995) by Philip Malzard. First published by Philip Malzard & Julian Clyde-Smith 1998 ISBN 0 9522065 8 7.

Hacer grabar callar reparar viajar seguir pedir amar. Prohibir pagar comprar dar limpiar construir ordenar.

Gu liang shi bu hu ban fan. Xiuxi fashao yao. Kaidao huayan qingjiatiao.

Costruzione della navi ufficio progettazione ufficio tecnoco sala soggiorno fornace fabbrica di laterizi cava.

Only 1 bit of verbal abuse in the street yesterday. It's not a rough town yet. Project Sindacato has been pulled though with investigations including TD Bank, the RBC, and the 'Ndrangheta going back to 2011 for the Police intercepting letters from lawyers much like they did with me just before October 7th last year. With RBC being the main employer here with only 50,000 locals... I still do not know why they intercepted my lawyer's letter. Project Sindacato was the largest organised crime investigation in Canadian history going back 13 years involving the RBC and the 'Ndrangheta cancelled for intercepting a lawyer's letter like they intercepted mine just before the October 7th attacks. Was it all a waste of public funds (?) is a question that many will be asking. Does the 'Ndrangheta really control 70% of the European cocaine market (?) like they say. Does RBC?

RBC 'Ndrangheta investigations OCCRP article link

Think about the Moroloto family from The Firm by John Grisham and you will figure the rest out yourselves...

It's suicide getting laundered in Offshore Jersey CI like I was in 1977 and for the next almost 50 years since aged under 16. Here is a link to a free article in the Toronto Star about a money laundering 'Ndrangheta case that imploded against the RBC and TD banks. Launderers do terrorist financing work as it uses the same skills so Hamas TF links for Bibi can probably found from the link here in Offshore Jersey CI at the RBC

Protection...about 30 a gram for blow here now the Court 1 and Court 2 imply...
Plenty of Free Daily Papers and magazines are still available at the Library...
I have been investigated with the similar illegal method they used to investigate the alleged G-dfather of the 'Ndrangheta in Toronto in Project Sindacato ie getting a letter from my lawyer intercepted and read by the local Offshore Jersey CI Police. It is a human rights abuse of privacy. It means that I am about as popular with the local Offshore Jersey CI Police as the alleged 'Ndrangheta Godfather of Toronto or the alleged RBC 'Ndrangheta banker Nick Martino, or TD ceo Bharat Masrani, or TD financial planner Gabriel D'Andrea, or former Canadian banker Vincenzo Muia, or Canadian banker Pietro Attisano, or Vito Sili an alleged 'Ndrangheta Godfather associate, all of whom were investigated in Project Sindicato and had a letter from their lawyer read by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. My gr8 grandmother was born a Rothschild. Rothschild bank are opening a branch in Memphis precisely because it is famous for having no mob activity as detailed in The Firm by John Grisham. The entire Offshore Jersey CI Police force and local Honorary Police force should be dismissed with cancellation of all pension rights and a full interrogation by Mi5, Mi6, and the Mossad in my humble opinion to get more local Offshore Jersey CI launderers' Hamas TF leads from them all for Bibi in Israel. I mean it. The entire Force and Honorary Force should be interrogated and fired instantaneously. Permanently.

The "G-dfather" speaks... reminds me of a dinner at the Bistro Rozel once or twice with my mum and dad and John and Judith Marshall the one time manufacturers of Bar Fruit machines. Coin op copiers from Xerox where my dad once worked stateside used the same coin testers. Myron was associated with Myer from Murder Inc and Runyon which did a lot of business in England once the gaming machines became legal. John always used to go on and on about how the casino licenses in London were not handed down by any elected people. Their Rhodesian ridgeback guard dog had to be shot when it bit me. Family is family I guess. Most people are probably dead now apart from me and Mr Sugarman with none others left to blog the story. Coin testing technology had a lot to answer for worldwide one way or another.

It is interesting to note whether the local Force will be interrogated by Mi5 or Mi6. The CiA and the Mossad position is established. Is the local Force considered foreign or domestic as far as London is concerned? If it is foreign it will get the Mi6 interrogation and if it is domestic it will get the Mi5 interrogation. The local Government describing itself as the Government is key to deciding which of the two agencies will investigate the Force and Honorary Force. Israel and the US were granted independence so fall within Mi6. Offshore Jersey CI is a dependency so the root of the word depended seems to imply a non-independent status. Dependent is a huge word in narcotics and drink. Cocaine and/or booze are used by 90% of the population. The price of booze is set by the local government. The price of cocaine is set by the 'Ndrangheta however which basically means the RBC here as discussed in the Project Sindicato case. Deciding whether Mi5 or Mi6 will interrogate becomes quite a complicated matter therefore. Is the local crack supply converted from raw cocaine locally (?) is probably the best way of reaching a judgement. The country has a blacklist record for fake jobs in Europe and Laundry with OECD or similar. The value of cocaine here locally is doubled by converting it to crack locally. Cooking crack they call it in the trade I think? So the Mi5/Mi6 question answers itself. Is it 5 or is it 6? Ask the Dean.

There has been no reply yet from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. Its been over a week too. A huge amount can in fact be inferred from the lack of reply. A huge amount of intelligence and insight. Margaret Hodge would be interested. With Mi5 waterboarding a few of the local filth though the truth will surface. Word will get back from the doghnut I guess in time. Meanwhile discovery seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. There are 2 documents. The letter from my lawyer was intercepted by the local pig doing a private job for Scholefield. The 94 document he is sweating blood over will be sold to him by my sister and he will burn it or drop it in a shredder. The Rothschilds in France will not give him any trouble because he is the Honorary French Consul. The perfect crime for every 100 of the launderer conspiracy here with all of their Hamas TF moonlighting jobs. The ICC cannot put him away either because the ICC law here was not put on the books 'till 2014 so his 1994 act would not be covered. No local cop worth their salt will ever risk investigating him either because they would all be too terrified of retribution from his fellow freemasons.

I am outnumbered 13,000 to practically 1 here. 5000 bankers, 5000 trust admins, 2000 legal, 600 fund managers, and 400 police out of a workforce of 30,000.

The laundry industry here in Offshore Jersey CI has fallen under the electron microscope because it deploys the same skillsets as the Hamas terrorism financiers worldwide. A lot of launderers will be uncovered but that is the price of uncovering the Hamas TFs. I am not popular universally for what I have done in naming the launderers that laundered me. I know my life is in constant danger for its duration because of it. I considered that a price worth paying for uncovering the Hamas TFs however. The murders of my mum and dad and uncle and the terrorising of my sister were caused by the 1977 laundry and not by the Hamas TF operation. My Rothschild inheritance was laundered here in 1977 and my earned English mortgage paid off house proceeds were laundered here in 1996. The construction industry paid for the earned house. It was not a practical avenue to approach any local Police because of known corruption risks so all of the data was placed on websites that were engineered to attract the attention of the Mossad in Israel and Bibi and the Knesset after the October 7th attacks.

Our launderers included Barclays, RBC, Equinox, Fairway, Barclays Private Bank & Trust. Our laundry lawyers included Mourant, Viberts, Ogiers, Ogier & Le Cornu, Vibert & Valpy, Mourant du Feu & Jeune. Our laundry accountants included Clive Tomes & Co. Hamas TF operatives can therefore likely be found at those institutions. Only the Offshore Jersey CI branches were used by us against our wishes. Records of my litigant-in-person litigation so far can be found at the Birmingham Law Courts, the Jersey Financial Services Commission, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. I am an Associate level Patent Adjudicator, and a non resident member of the City Bar New York. I am not, nor ever have been, connected. The law might change one day...

A metric of the traffic arriving at this website to indicate how serious the threat of the launderers and TFs here are decided to be to world peace. Careful what you say to parking meters.

Runyon sales company, Xerox, coin op copiers, Bar Fruit machines, coin tester technology, Riff der Longer, Meyer Lansky, Murder Inc, Myron Sugarman, Bistro Rozel dinner with the Marshals and my Parents, London Casinos, then 35 years later a hit on my whole family from the Ndrangheta RBC. So I blog. If I go to the law I just get a shrink. If I blog all I get is Nick Martino. Could be worse I guess but it's Liberation Day here. 50s New York. 20s Offshore Jersey CI. Nobody else left to tell the tale now. Nobody left to listen to it. And now all the launderers and TFs are wanted by the Mossad. Don't grass and don't be gay they said. Ciao for now...

The Hamas TFs here are an existential threat to the Diaspora. The Hamas Charter instructs all the Diaspora to be killed. So the Hamas TFs here at the local launderers are an existential threat to me. Shabbat Shalom. Lehitraot.

A new Monday 8am and a new week of life. As a long term claimant and member in good standing of Equity I have zero % court level credibility so it is not possible for me to confide even in this blog a very real modern possibility of 1 in 14 financial death for the investment community of the big wide world. That's the way it goes really in the law abiding world I regret to say. They will never believe anything I say about my 1977 Rothschild legacy fraud and laundry so the chance of some of the world losing 1 in 14 over the next year is just something the details of what I must now keep to myself for ever. Sorry in advance so to speak. Have a nice week.

This research screenshot above is a group of similar items from Ebay indicating Iran Coup and 911 Airbus are linked to laundry books. What this means is a second argument that Offshore Jersey CI and my launderers are likely linked to Hamas TFs as well as the argument that launderers and terrorism financiers deploy the same skillsets.

Oh well. Biden is now on the side of the Offshore Jersey CI Hamas TFs having stopped the supply of 500lb bombs to Israel. Clinton was the only President ever at the time not to be a freemason. Bibi is not a freemason. The synagogue here has been basically a freemasons lodge of sorts for about 20 years. So all in all things look pretty bleak here really. The trust industry engineered the void of 35% of my funds too. All in all they are seriously expecting me it seems to be confidential in an Omerta type way about my sister being terrorised and my mum, dad, and uncle being murdered too. The masons even failed to renew my annual billing at the synagogue this year. Depression and paranoia or tort and crime with lawyers not coming for free and the Police 35% of them taking bribes? Fingernails getting pulled out for a debt of 50 is my construction background. Soon I will have nothing left to pay their Danegeld. A lot of them will be working over here now too.

I should be quick to erratum that the Bar Fruit Rhodesian ridgeback would have definitley got shot if it had bitten me for a second time. That was the law there then. Second time your dog bites they buy it. It was a good law I think. Give all of G-d's creatures one chance. Runyon was a funny company though in the 50s. In the 70s mending a slot machine was no more complicated than changing the mother board. Life has not changed a lot. Like fitting a new coin tester to a copier or anything else. Nobody really takes bits apart and mends them any more. Just throw away the old part and fit a new one. Relationships are so important in business. Runyon will be remembered for ever. So will Xerox. So will Bar Fruit. I remember walking into a bar with John and his son once, first thing he did was drop in a coin to the slot machine, and it paid out a full jackpot there and then that paid for the drinks. Suspicious? The Bar Fruit King walks into a bar, first thing he does is drop a coin into a competitor's machine and it pays out a full jackpot? I can hear those coins pumping out now. Not tokens either. Anyway the dog would have got killed if it had bitten me again. Much like Ian Gorst changing the tutelle law here or Goldsmiths College trying to change the antisemitism definition in London. You can't trust any Chief Minister here really if you are a Jew, or any Bailiff either really. With the local Hamas TFs supported by Biden now all the old local ww2 Coutanche gang of Nazi collaborators are going to crawl out of the woodwork too. It's going to be an antisemitic orgy the whole country. Not surprising Bank Leumi and Tesco left a while back come to think of it. Runyon, Xerox, and Bar Fruit families are old families though, and there will always be a Diaspora. I might just catch a plane out while I still can. I have spent my last 100 on a plane ticket before after all. So has my sister. You can only really buy laundry powder from the local Police is the safest way of explaining the situation here presently.

It's definitely not all pretty cows and daffodils this place like the ads said. So far I have been approached by three different guys who were tooled up, another said I owed him 200,000 as extortion, another wanted 10,000 and a third wanted my flat which I did not even own. Someone else wanted my trailer. Hard won, hard lost Chris.

Marco the librarian, Sir Owen Williams, Melvyn Kalman at the Shul, Kevin Monro at the shul, and the King of England all don't want me dead.

All that really matters in life is work, money, coal, and steel in that order and don't ever let anyone tell you anything else. I have driven a D5 bulldozer and gone all the way into an old mine. I have worshipped at 2 synagogues. I have studied patents and electrical enginering. I have produced a newspaper. I volunteered for bomb disposal. I learened guitar and singing and got paid for both. I led a good life in comparison to many. If I really was full of shit like all the lawyers, bankers, and doctors say I would feel a worthless fraud meeting my maker here on the blog and so I would feel empty and worthless and depressed because of it but I do not so I cannot be 100% full of shit like they say (literally I regret to say they are not polite). They are all full of shit really. This crime haven is a shit hole and full of shit going for 30 a gram.

It turns out that freemasons are all very commonly thought to take an oath to lie for all other freemasons so that explains enough for me.

The following list of Offshore Jersey CI freemasons, launderers, and 'Ndrangheta are trying to kill me.

It is much safer for me to broadcast via this blog to hundreds of cops than risk approaching any single cop because there is a 33% chance any single cop I approach is corrupted. This way loses the element of surprise but is much more likely to get through to non-corrupted cops. Cork v McVicar [1984] is the case that justifies what I am doing.

The causation is a document they made me sign in '94 that ruined my life. I imagine that they will succeed in killing me and what remains of my family. They have already killed my mum, and dad, and uncle, and terrorised my sibling. It is my last dying wish that they should all be addicted to heroin, cocaine, and burundanga as they launder so much drug money so they cannot complain. I recommend a mix of Chinese White and Mexican Brown is administered 10 times to each of them within 10 days for maximum addiction likelihood. All of the launderers here use cocaine a lot anyway so there is nothing criminal in what my last dying wishes are...

The 2124 masons here include Graham Leonard Spence, Ian Christopher Crosby, Hiren Arvindbhai Patel, Harold Walter Giggard, George Stodart Knocker, Vivian John Bailhache, Alexander Ewart Picot, Hedley Cecil Queree, Herbert Albert Oldridge, Thomas Jeune Pugsley, Geoffrey John Morris, and AK Hewittt. Scholefield and Clyde-Smith and Clayton, and Davidson want me dead. If they proceed with their plans there will be a certain, defined, known, and exact price. Same goes for my sister and her family.

The local constitution of masons lodges here includes Provincial Grand Lodge, Yarborough Lodge, Duke of Normandy Lodge, Royal Sussex Lodge, Loge La Cesaree, Royal Alfred Lodge, St Aubins Lodge, Prince of Wales Lodge, De Carteret Lodge, Lodge St Helier, Chapter of Harmony, Duke of Normandy Chapter, Royal Sussex Chapter, and Cesarean Mark Lodge. Locale of the local 'Ndrangheta laundry clan:-

Neither LOUISE MARTHA BRACKEN-SMITH, DAVID PEARCE, John Le Masurier Germain, Nicholas Forbes Walker, Donald McKay Reid, ROGER Charles MADDOCK, William Roger King, Gordon Peter Angus, Stephen Andrew Homyard, Christopher Robert Bestaick, Richard Denis Perkins, John Maurice Hullah, nor Susan Carol Munday, wife of John Keith Davies, have replied to my recent inquiry email this 2021 asking for a meeting concerning my missing Rothschild descendant legacy assets. The stamped sealed complaint letter to the Jersey Financial Services Commission went off earlier on today. Promotions have been accounted at the group for Chris Mourant, Daniel Harrison, Vanessa Ferrira, Danielle Bowden, Mark Wernham, Katie Davey-Williams, Ana Freitas, and Mark Hucker.

Neither Anton Swemmer (*), Aynslie Colette Le Brun (*), Marcus Adam Pearce, Anthony John Quinn, Clive Phillip Le Brun Tomes, Robert Taylor, Piers Ross Coke-Wallis, Christine Leroy, nor Anrea Rombaut, are more than likely to get a source of funds reply to their two letters to my Dad as a result of my Data Protection Commissioners Office sustained complaint now.

Neither Paul James Savery, Martin Alan Scriven, Jenny Clayton (*), Ashley Stewart Cox, David Blizzard, R Bayman, Laura Bayman, FRANCESCA FREZZA, Alexander Michael Clark Hutchison, Richard Wilkinson Thomas, Adrian Keith Wood, David James Thompson, Michael Peter Farley, Richard Wilkinson, Adrian Keith, Michael Peter, Christopher Roy, Simon James, Allan Francis John, Jillian Arwen Maria, David Martin, Leslie Walter Cunliffe, Marc Anthony Pullman, nor others are very likely to hear much more information from my Dad now after my Jersey Financial Services Commission sustained complaint and them saying sorry in writing either now either.

I should reply to the Jersey Financial Services Commission about Graham Arthur Huelin (*), Susan Freeman, Lyndsay Jane Ozanne, Susan Gibaut, Lindsay Walton, Siobhan Dowdall and probably some others sooner rather than later.

Charity Lodge Masons in London who can help with 50mn on call for the purpose intended include Sir Paul Williams, Anthony Harvey, Michael Heenan, Christopher Head, John Boyington, Simon Duckworth, Andrew Wauchope, Howard Wilson, Clive Emerson, Alan Graham, Sinead Brophy, Dr Simon Fellerman, Stephen Robinson, David Southern, and Bruce Walker. Where there is a will there is a way as my dear old Dad used to say. I guess that qualifies me as a poet.

I read about a launderer today getting paid half a kg of coke for his services today. He ended up working for the Feds. So far I have escaped a confidential relationship with a Police Officer by just blogging to the web here. They get pretty obvious and easy to spot after a while as you notice them walking around. No point in having trained as an adjudicator just to work as a free grass for them. I have never actually operated as a witness either despite what they tell the bookshops. I have seen a lawyer get a hard time off them in Court 2 once. They told him his case probably just had his lunch in it. Seen a judge get a hard time off them too with one WPC holding up a biro at him. Very competitive business the law. He was smuggling cash the launderer I read about, an activity normally reserved for Honorary Consuls and the like. He did it 100 times, or so he said. Another time the launderer got paid with a car his book said. Bibi will catch the Hamas TFs by catching the launderers. I have spent time at engineering, accountancy, music, and law schools. This latest book said he changed the offshore companies every year by letting them expire so he was not obliged to file tax returns. Also there was a bit about reregistering ships out at sea so they arrived at their destination ports with new numbers and names painted on them so they did not get checked. If the Mossad get the launderers they get the Hamas TFs as they use the same skillsets. One offshore country allowed you to bring in cases of cash once too even though they knew you exported it illegally. No metal strips in banknotes meant they were not picked up by airport scanners either. There was one disturbing page where he realised in any high level laundry network mafia are going to get involved. I guess that means 'Ndrangheta too. Still the Mossad want the Hamas TFs, and what the Mossad wants they get usually. Ciao for now. Lehitraot. Shabbat shalom, I had my challah :)

Above is some rare evidence of the ww2 coal miners in Britain. My Dad was one of them.

The launderer was going on about using faked up boat receipts for his registrations today and a drug l-rd thinking of himself as growing potatoes. There is a touching part in the book though where he confides the moment he was no longer considered a one hit wonder and laundry became his regular job. Word got around he could set up the offshore companies and re-register the boats and fly in the cash and suddenly everyone wanted him. He made himself a rule though only to accept referrals from existing clients to cancel out the chance of being set up by an agent. His girlfriend was even a cop too. It's good to read and find out what you don't want to do sometimes. All because of these Hamas TFs here that the Mossad want. It is easy being Diaspora. I better knock off. It's getting late.

9 out of the 12 were not legally Jewish according to the Law Prof who wrote this above

The launderer book is reaching the part where he gets busted soon I think. Seems pretty risky anyway. Registering boat charter companies and offshore companies and boats looks about as hard as registering a domain name or a trademark. He is running a straight law company simultaneously for cover. One of his laundry clients got pulled for 800 keys in one of the boats though so he needed out of court long enough to skip the country. It's all good learning to survive the laundry lawyers here so you can second guess their next move. There is another book fiction not biography about running two types of lawyer company at the same time in Memphis. Looks like he gets busted in a few chapters time though. Probably not a freemason I guess.

At least I know what all of my punishment beatings and straighteners have set them all back over the decades. I was politely informed by a fit 20s blond over the lunch break that 700 is all she has to pay to get me beaten up. You sure as Hell can't get any 9 bar of anything in London for that any more.

On a sadder note it looks like the launderer in the book has got busted by the tax man for 40 offshore companies used for crime that he registered they think. Got as far as a client doing time in the same joint as Noriega. There is a case now I think and he ends up working undercover for the Feds setting people up. I might set my adjudicator rate at 700 an hour now I know what it would cost to beat me up again I think. It's the going rate for my age and experience. I would rather work less billable hours for more dosh if you know what I mean. The wolf is not at the door anyway as you get legal aid for both tutelle and probate breach of duty here; adjudicator-client privilege would come in handy too.

It's the sort of thing Erminia Giuiano used to do get people beaten up for 700. She was the head of a Camorra crime family. Naples is a nice place. She got arrested in 2000 but refused to go peacefully until she had applied her make-up and put on her jewellery. Pretty bright thinking at the time really considering she will have ended up with a mug shot pretty soon after. Not sure if she walked but a lot of them do there. It's corrupt like this place.

It was the local Ndrangheta Ndrine making their presence felt that 700 threat I have decided. Previously I have only been told "not here" by them indicating that bad things would only happen to me if I moved abroad. There is no solution really. If they want to shell out 700 to get me beaten up that is what will happen. I was thinking she might have been put up to it by the local pigs as they will have known I would blog about it. The standard defence to a threat is for the local pigs to tell everyone that you are also a pig so you are protected at least for a while till the non pig truth emerges. That way they knock out your legal career because you become a well known pig, or at least thought of as one. But on second thoughts with the Ndgangheta Ndrine here so active in laundry and my 1977 and 1996 and 2008 laundry it seems better to presume 700 will change hands and I will just cost the state 5 or 10 grand in medical treatment afterwards that the banks and lawyers and trustees and accountants and politicians don't really pay for anyway. I am going to the gym again now to train for the punishment beating or straightener so feel it only fair to declare that on the web as I have decided to fight back 10,000% when the approach is made.

Laundered in 1982 sold cheap for the going rate at the time for the property PLUS 20 years approx patent agent services as documented by RBC in my Jersey Financial Services complaint about them. The network of launderers at the end of this lead covers most of the country and will DEFINITELY lead Bibi and the Mossad to Hamas TFs that deploy the same skillsets. My bedroom was 1 window UP and 1 window LEFT of the back door facing the main house in this £17,000,000.00 ad from the back.

Come to think about it if I were a criminal meeting a 50 year relic of offshore laundry in the City Bar and 5 engineering groups. Think my theory stops there. The Buckingham Palace rose garden is inferior to the Howard Davis Park rose garden apparently. Waiting around for the Challah you make before can get you going. Shabbat Shalom. Lehitraot. Ciao for now.

It was Clyde-Smith, Clayton, Le Brun, Leech, and Scholefield at the back of the 700 price quote to beat me up. There is a book of Ndrangheta Ndrine memoirs listing an asset owner being held upside down from a river bridge by a rope with his head inches off the water to sell him the idea of signing a management document for his assets. All 5 have tried or done the same sort of thing to me before. It's a sure sign of their launderer's honor and bravery when they send in a fit 20s Sheila to try to force the signature. They used a fit 40s Sheila on me last time to try to force control. They believe in death and money and nothing else.

The worst thing about 700 being named as the charge to beat me up is that they obviously don't think that I am a very good fighter so will be comparitively easy to beat up. The bright side of it though is that they will obviously send in a very low grade thug because of that. In other words I might just win. If I do win I can make the thug tell me who sent him or her. Then the fun starts...

I have paid up medical and legal insurance for when the bit of work is done though if things go wrong, but the launderers are good Hammas TF leads that are in turn good Hammas leads so if Bibi and the Mossad get to read this they will know who to question. Police are allowed to lie and deceive out of the dock is the thing. Nobody really knows why but they do.

It's really a very serious website this one. Identifying prosecuted launderers of mine that I have prosecuted to identify them as Hamas TF suspects and thereby track down Hamas bosses and soldiers. Then after blowing it to the web Bibi and the Mossad read it and the marathon relay baton is handed on to the next relay team member. Everyone uses the same skillsets is the thinking. A no brainer in a way but I was the only one who knew the IDs of everyone that I had prosecuted. How did they get me to blow all the data to a webpage and buy all of the traffic to launch it? Good question.

Having thought about it 700 seems to have been selected as the price payable for my punishment beating or straightener from the cartel of launderers here because it is the reverse of 007. A long, long, time ago, while I was still at law school I got a letter from Captain MJ Barker of Intelligence & Security TA of Handel Street in London informing me that I was already a deferred Greenjacket. I was back in the gym today again pumping iron to get ready for the task of defending myself.

The letter above is some Justice...

My friends are looking for guidance from me. Goering was treated in a psychiatric hospital for morphine addiction. Himmler spent all day killing chickens on the farm his Dad bought him. Heidrich never even read Mien Kamph. History is well known for repeating itself. The Offshore Jersey CI laundry community of Hamas TFs are wiping us all out. Shabbat shalom. Lehitraot. Ciao for now. Offshore Jersey CI must report all of its Hamas TF clients to Bibi and the Mossad.

Nailed and singing on the web here. Cops harassing me 247. Reading my mail and email. Probably bugs in the walls and using the optical phone box to listen in. Any speaker can be rewired as a mic after all. Two cars knackered. One fund knackered. All I have is adjudicator-client privilege. Reading a book on laundry sorted me out. He ended up working for the Feds setting people up. Reading another book on the 'Ndrangheta Ndrines helped too. An asset owner got held upside down from a bridge by a rope to help him decide to sign away management of his assets. I got told 700 can change hands to hand down me another punishment beating or straightener. Laundry is all Ndrangheta now and Offshore Jersey CI is London's main tax haven and London is the global center of laundry. No-one cares is the thing. Not a soul. Launderers here are everywhere really and they all use the same skills as Hamas TFs. Five eyes does not include Israel but I have given Bibi and the Mossad so many leads here for so long I have probably buried quite a few Hamas. Hamas want us all dead. We just want to survive. I was the first resident here to apply for Aliya to Israel from here so I had no choice but to blog about all the leads here. How does it feel to be responsible? If I had not been laundered in 1977 at 15.5 my life would have been different. None of this would have happened. It was Rothschild cash. Never a borrower or a lender be my dear old Mum used to say. And hit them where it hurts. She meant in the wallets by that in case you were worried by what she said. Police counter-intelligence is well known here.

For an old timer's hobby sake I minted 500 PRESTONcoin at the linked address here and am now free to pay 2 PRESTONcoin for coffee to anyone if you send me your SEPOLIA address. My work over the decades in laundry left me with many unusual skills.

Shaul's wife should know... Shalom Shaul. Yom tov.

700 BOOKcoin freshly minted on Sepolia for trading books @ 1 BOOKcoin each...

13,000 GROCERYcoin freshly minted on Sepolia for buying groceries...

5,000 CARcoin freshly minted on Sepolia in case I ever need another car...

2,000,000 CLEPTOcoin freshly minted on Sepolia in case I ever need money...

10,000 freshly minted TRAILERcoin in case I ever need a French holiday home...

500,000 freshly minted OAScoin just in case I ever get old...

300,000 DOMAINcoin freshly minted for domain name trading...

It's hard work minting coins I have found. Nothing gets easier with time.

200,000 freshly minted APARTMENTcoin in case I ever have to live in my car...

I think I am going to get shafted by the UK Royal Family again pretty soon.

1,000,000,000 INSURANCEcoin freshly minted to remind me of back in the day...

I was right about the Royals. It sounds like the local pigs doubt I learned my solidity code skills to write Coin on my MASCE career studies and Chris the ex chemist from synagogue was seen by me in earnest conversation with a handshake and a thumbs up sign with a local pig other than the one that doubts my MASCE training. What does Chris know about me after attending the synagogue as a non Jew for 13 years? Shabbat shalom. Lehitraot. Yom tov. Ciao for now...

How many of my associates have I noticed getting questioned by the pigs this year but never me? Must be 5 or 6 at least.

Mowa jest srebrem, lecz milczenie zlotem. Potrzeba jest matka wynalazkow. Nie samym chlebem zyje czlowiek. Piekno jest kwestia gustu. Oka za oko, zab za zab. Zmarli nie zdradzaja sekretow. I am the last known Jew of Briesen.

Court 2 in the Magistrate's Court has not changed at all I found out last week. One fine by card of 1200 with 24 hours to pay and one GBH charge denied and sent up to the Royal. The Judge seemed more interested in getting everything wrapped up before lunch again really. That room does about as many cases as any cafe does a cheese and ham croissant I decided. Each case is very important to the people being charged but about as important as a cheese and ham croissant to a cafe really to the Judge. Not insignificant in any way I am trying to say I guess but not all that unusual or important either. It's been 11 years I have been going now. Much better to be on the Court building side of everything rather than being any kind of client I have concluded. Mondays 10am they do all of the week's acquittals so I might well go in again then just to watch the expressions on the faces of the acquittals as they walk out back to freedom. There is never any apology from the Judge or anything. Nothing like well sorry for wasting a few months or weeks of your life. Some people can be on remand in or out of cells for years. Just a curt you are acquitted you can go now. The Judge does not see the expressions of complete disgust with the system as they turn their back on the bench and head for the door. I do. They are always on the lookout for new inmates to replace the dead prisoners and mental patients as they die off is the thing. It does not pay to have all that much to do with any of them.

5,000,000 HOTcoin freshly minted on Sepolia to be on the safe side...

Check out the Dapp at

It's half 7 in the morning now and the acqittals start in 2 and a half. Better get started. Happy Mondays.

None of the launderers, 'Ndrangheta, or Freemasons in my family's 47 years of laundry here have ever needed the money they got from it all so my only regrettable conclusion is that all they have ever been motivated by for 47 years is killing.

I have been rumbled. They picked up on the dark green car and the Greenjacket connection and now they will pick up on the IS model car and the Intelligence & Security connection. They are not as thick as they make themselves out to be. Unfortunately.

I guess Captain MJ Barker will have read this from I&S as well as Guy Spindler from Mi6 so everything should probably work out in time. Court 2 was interesting on Monday this week with a video link to the local La Moye Prison. One case involved a client unfit to plead who was probably off to the mainland to talk with a Psychiatrist. He was allegedly involved with the recent fight at the Oxford pub being another GBH case with the other client in La Moye Prison on remand. They seem to have stopped doing the acquittals Monday morning at 10am. It was another GBH case sent up to the Royal really.

It's the cube of 35 law. If the regular readership of 35 of this blog all know 35 people and those 35 people all know 35 people that is half the Island covered. You can check the stats for yourself by clicking on the green number near the top of this page. Now I have figured that out the local Hamas TFs are getting dealt with one day I think. Nobody really talks to you when you run one of these things so you have to figure out all of the conclusions you act from from first principals. You can confirm the stats are for uniques in the main stats page by reloading the website page a few times. The big green number is for non unique website hits so increases as you reload. The main stats page is for uniques so does not. The entrance fee to MASCE was 35 as well. Go figure. Ciao for now. Lehitraot.

On a less technical note Bibi should probably contact Chris Scholefield if he wants to ensure the continuity of the US arms supply to Israel. Like it or not the world is run these days by a handful of influential offshore lawyers and Chris is one.

The page above shows why they are suspicious of people with many phones...

No challah for an hour yet before Shabbat. Bad craic going down in Israel. Found a book with the details of the first 4 dead Holocaust Shoa victims in 1933. Two of them even had the same name as a lot of my ancestors. Got a Dapp done for the Hotcoin and posted it further on up the page. And there is not an indefinite list more of my work and achievements this week. Nursing the loss of over 99% for almost 50 years since I was 15.5 did not exactly help out my career or family life really. Shabbat shalom. Yom tov. Ciao for now.

The PrestonNFT Dapp; got there in the end :)

The page above shows why they tell you not to accept hand rolled up smokes from strangers at parties...

Feedback from society so far seems to be that I was always a miserable merchant banker who complained a lot which is fair enough. One of the local DAs here from synagogue was only saying on the phone in the street yesterday that he complains all of the time. The squeeky wheel gets the grease as they say.

The POOLEnft at last. Built on Sepolia to remind me of that vital Port of Poole supply ferry connection...

The page above details an important day in caving history, mining economics, and Heinz Mushroom Soup nutrition (I have opened my can already)...

Not sure exactly who is reading this any more apart from a few of the good guys but Oxfam appears to have left the country. Tesco appears to have left the country. I have applied for Israel immigration. The local Ann Summers shop appears to have left the country because it has had its window smashed. Makes you think really. 4 exits so far.

700 million freshly minted ORDNANCE coin on Sepolia useful as Work Vouchers as word on the street is I am a bit thick, I have a guitar, and I have a following, which is fair enough...

New leads for Bibi and the Mossad as possible Hamas TF local launderers from my 1977 Rothschild legacy include OH Director (Jersey) Limited, R&H Corporate Services (Jersey) Limited, Zoe Anderson, Matthew James Christensen, David Gustav Goar, Peter Mark Brooks, Paul Dennis Pirouet, Robert Anthony Laing, and Jennifer Mary Geddes. NATO troop shortages and the Prisons seem to be what every party agrees on in the UK elections. Enlist from inside?

I am being tracked 247 so there is no point remaining covert about this year's plan. The King of England is visiting next month to force the Clarence House letter from me so it makes a lot of sense before the 15th for me to pack a case of letters and files and relocate to my trailer home in France. I can then in turn relocate to Israel with my case from France. Shalom, lehitraot, yom tov, ciao for now...

10 freshly minted Sepolia test net works!

Some more fresh leads for Bibi and the Mossad. These are the laundry lawyers in the certificate above who created my laundry trust at Barclaytrust same year as this certificate above. Because TFs deploy the same skillsets they have likely been working as Hamas TFs or similar since that time.

I expect to be murdered by Yom Kippur or Christmas at the latest now. It's a sobering thought when you have never really done much wrong in your life apart from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is a genuine consolation though that I am being murdered by the most powerful and influential Ndrangheta Ndrine of launderers and masons on Earth though. It is the Ndrangheta Ndrine of Offshore Jersey CI being the main tax haven and secrecy jurisdiction of London being the global center of worldwide money laundry these days. Obviously enough I have studied the case as I know who are going to murder me. They will probably use the eggshell skull method again that they used on my Dad and tried to use on me before. The eggshell skull method is where they know tonnes and tonnes about you so know your weakpoints they can kill you with what would be safe for other people. People know the laundry business here and the local economy depends on drugs for instance. All foreign crime is legal to profit from here. Mental health nurses can break all of your bones if they suspect a mental health issue and Police can kill you if they suspect a crime. I imagine fireman can let your house burn too for a reason. Know what you are getting into before considering going offshore is all I would say. I did not. I was only 15.5 in the '70s.

Yet more fresh leads for Bibi and the Mossad. These people above are a partnership of laundry lawyers including the laundry lawyer that tried to kill me with the eggshell skull method described further on up the page in 1994. As TF work and laundry lawyering deploy the same skillsets it seems likely that the list of partners in the certificate above includes Hamas TF operatives. My launderers included a cartel of 3 local law firms. This certificate above is the 2nd.

More fresh Hamas TF leads for Bibi and the Mosssad. This is the 3rd firm of laundry lawyers used against me in the cartel of 3 firms whose service company is listed in the certificate above. They claimed to have lost a power of attorney signed in 1994 by me over to them. Laundry and TF work deploy the same skillsts so it seems likely they all 3 of them do each.

The last few days all go to show you should just never give up really. Pretty soon the 8200 group bots will have picked up all of the new leads. I was only 15.5 when the deal went down in the 70s and Terrrorism Finance 50 years later is no different to when I was growing up probably but obviously I did not know much about it then. Still don't really. All I know is they use the same skillsets as my launderers. It would have been a different life with a tutelle of 7 guardians and a properly managed Rothschild legacy back then in the 70s at 15.5. I had friends at school with trustees and money. I know what it would have been like. Shalom. Lehitraot. Ciao for now...

2 Press barons, 2 Royal families, that's normally enough to stress anyone out. Chuck in all the other power vectors and you end up agreeing with the guys that tell you power and corruption are connected for want of a better adjective...

There is a lot that society can learn from my case I think but they are all asking the wrong people the wrong questions about the wrong topics. Rupert Vaughan-Williams, Guy Mallet de Carteret, Jeremy Gibb, Tim Baker, Elizabeth Taylor, Suzi de la Haye, Suzi de Fay, Caroline Le Sueur, Nikki Reynolds were my gang from the 1977/1978 era if any of them remember me that is. That is not certain, but they should all be asking questions to them about me not cetain other people from elsewhere.

Xmas break 1991 the road and bridges site closed for 2 weeks so as my Canadian common law had gone by then I headed back to Offshore Jersey CI for a few drinks with my Dad while my Mum was still in the USA. Sounds like the opening of a book really doesn't it? There was ice that winter up North so my hands stuck to the steel without gloves. Anyway my Dad offered me the laundry trust contents with Barclaytrust that break as I had only asked for it to be set up for 3 years. I declined and said it should stay where it was for another 3 years but he continued it there for the full 100 years. He gave me the syringe competition job to do for him and Kevin at the world health, we took a tour around the Queens Valley dam and resevoir construction site of the time as I was still doing Civil then, and I flew home after a meeting at Barclaytrust with my Dad and the trust manager at the time who started talking about black holes for some reason. Someone will read this one day. The present day Barclays is a small fraction of Rothschilds in 1850. He made me promise not to tell my Mum about a plumbing job he was doing in the kitchen with a hacksaw blade in case it worried her same as when he made me promise not to tell her about me getting into the London house by removing the cat flap frame from the window frame with a crosshead screwdriver I borrowed from some builders called the Barrats a few doors down. They are both dead now. They will not mind if I talk.

With the King of England over here in 5 days there are 2 questions that need putting to his brother Andrew to guage his reaction. I shared a boarding school study that Ghislaine used the year after me so I know her well. I also have access to a letter from Clarence House that calls into question the morals and legality of its residents over the decades. Does Andrew know that Ghislaine is unusually hairy down there and does he know that she has an unusually hairy area above her upper lip? If they did not ever know each other very well he will not know the answers to those questions. If they did he will. I have checked out the ferry times to my 5 bed trailer in France already. This is a very responsible and important website. I have got pressure presently from both Clarence House and the 'Ndrangheta Ndrine of launderers and freemasons here who are forcing a trust protection deal. Snowflakes melt under pressure they say.

It's a drag but the thing about having crossed the 'Ndrangheta by complaining about almost 50 years of laundry here since 1977 is that absolutely always without any exception ever they kill your whole family. So that's that for me, my sis, my bro in law, and my niece. It's the Offshore Jersey CI way now in a way. You all know about the cartel of 3 law firms and the cartel of trust companies now. The banks are generally Ok and the Police, but the politicians are all bought too. Ciao for now. Lehitraot. At least Bibi and the Mossad should get quite a few of the local Hamas TFs I guess as both launderers and TFs deploy the same skillsets.

Clarence House and the local Ndrangheta Ndrine are both putting the squeeze on me as they say. Coco Travato does not know I don't think. I am stocking up on plenty of boxes of Lemsip and cans of beans to get ready for the new Covid variant. The Clarence House and local launderers and freemasons Ndrangheta Ndrine 3 way pincer movement against me will probably infect me I have decided.

A Free $20 Value Atom Music Feed Url in Return for Protection Against the Residents of Clarence House
A Good Free Atom Feed Url Reader

There is a ferry boat tomorrow 7pm in the evening before the King of England arrives. My sister has come over to sort out the flat and car after I have gone on Monday. As far as the King is concerned he will just be dealing with the partner of one of his late Mum's biographers. Ciao for now. Lehitraot. Auf wiedersehen.

I was told in the street on the corner of my block today at 11am by two burly mi5 type male squaddies that they might murder me for no good reason. State sponsored murder of any Associate Patent Adjudicator is unheard of before the verbal notice of today. Princess Di, her bodyguard, and her chauffeur are recorded on DVD here leaving their Paris hotel sober on the night of her death. There is also a touching family memoirs dedication from her bother to Ray, signed in ink. They will both be included with the letters and files that I will rucksack over to my 5 bed trailer in France. IP law is important to me.

Looks like they got away with it the mi5 type thugs today at 11am. The crossroads where it happened are all on CCTV Ok but the patch it happened on are on a length of road 100 yards away from any cameras so they will not be able to photo accurate enough for any lipreading to be done. I have been harassed by a pair of them before on the same length. They must know it advance that they can't be prosecuted there. They turn the public against them when they do that sort of thing. It was at least a murder threat for something they thought that I might do in the future though rather than for anything they thought that I have done in the past. So their jobs and pensions are safe. It was very professional of them in the criminal justice sense of the word for them to pick an area so far from the cameras. Most of the town any engineer would confirm they can lipread everyone.

With Trump getting shot today I decided not to go to my 5 bed trailer in France today. My sister had a wasted trip that's all. Tomorrow is a bank holiday.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada was the power base against the 'Ndrangheta for the Purple Gang and the Little Jewish Navy from Detroit. By 1933 they had all drifted of to the Syndicate and Murder Inc with Meyar Lansky. Myron Sugarman is the guy to talk to about that with Runyon, and coin testers, Xerox, and Bar Fruit Ltd from up North. It's all about family loyalties going back 100 years now. Detroit was the town in Prohibition. The thing is the 'Ndrangheta was powerful in Canada even back then and that is where a lot of the booze was shipped in from. Why Windsor? Ciao for now. Lehitraot, and Shalom.

Well that was a day I won't forget in a hurry. They were driving past another corner of my block so I waited in the rain to view them with WPC 3103. There were lots of black cars and Police bikers, not just one or two like when his Mum did a drive by last time about 20 years ago. Power was the general impression but at least they did not seem to want to raid me for the Clarence House letter. I thought of my sister quite a bit while waiting and her partner going round to the Palace every day for the interviews of the late Queen for the biography. I thought of the wars too and how if the King says so you are conscripted and marched through a minefield to clear a path for others.

I have run out of local Hamas TF leads for Bibi and the Mossad now. Basically where there are launderers here there are likely Hamas TF leads however, but outside of my 1977 frauded Rothschild legacy case and my 1996 house swindle case I have no laundry experience.

Looks like the firm have left. Could be the Windsors, the CiA, or the Moralto family in the John Grisham book. Either way I never made it to France. Got told I would be murdered but now I am not so sure it was by Mi5 types, not since waiting in the rain with WPC 3103 anyway. Better not say too much till I am sure I guess. It is not their style I don't think. The local pigs could have picked out their faces from the CCTV but as usual have not reported anything to me, just like they did not with the murder of my Dad, Mum, and Uncle, or with the two laundry cases. With 200 pigs and 200 honorary/specials they only use 4 figure collar numbers for psychology I guess. People are not as thick as they think though so it only loses them respect. Why pretend they have more squads than they really have? With 500 trillion here things would be different. Hick town.

They said I would be murdered if I killed the King. The Kings brother was a 'dear Friend' of Ghislaine according to Ghislaine. Ghislaine and me knew each other very well at boarding school. Those 3 clauses I am 100% certain about. I have had my life threatened before. I cannot see any other reason they would threaten to murder me. If the brother Andrew knows Ghislaine is very hairy above the lip and down there he also knew her very well. If he does not know he does not know her very well. They raised the stakes something chronic. The King is gone now thank goodness. Ghislaine's appeal verdict is the next big event as far as I am aware. I am still part of the City Bar New York. What I must live with now is a conditional threat from the Royal bodyguards. This was all about an hour after Trump got shot too. There was a very well known mental health case McNaughton I think about a PM having his life threatened. The King has cancer. Kate has cancer. Fergy had a cancer operation. The main thing is I know that I will be murdered now if I kill the King ever. They did not say how they intend to murder me however. Ghislaine introduced me to her Dad and we shook hands. Enough said. Normally I would expect life inside for killing the King, not getting murdered.

U.S. to resume sending 500-pound bombs to Israel

I am not sure how many of my non Jewish shrinks are to be believed any more. Being a danger to yourself and/or society fits exactly into the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Someone of influence somewhere will read this like a message in a bottle I hope eventually.